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Willie Revillame’s Daughter Meryll Soriano Reveals Why She Used Drugs Before

Willie Revillame’s Daughter With Maricel Soriano’s Sister Admits To Using Drugs Before

WILLIE REVILLAME – Actress Meryll Soriano, the daughter of prominent game show host Willie Revillame, admitted that she used drugs when she was younger.

Willie Revillame has a daughter with the sister of actress Maricel Soriano, Bec-Bec Soriano. Just like her father, his daughter Meryll Soriano also entered the field of show business.

Meryll Soriano, Willie Revillame

Photos lifted from Philnews.ph | http://m.imdb.com

Meryll Soriano was still very young when she stepped into the industry in which her father Willie Revillame’s also a prominent personality. She started acting at the age of six years old.

Based on a recent report in Pep, during her appearance on ABS-CBN’s morning program Magandang Buhay, Meryll Soriano admitted that she did not have a normal childhood just like the other kids as she started to work early.

According to the 35-year-old actress, she really had a struggle in show business as she wanted to go to school.

“I wanted to go abroad for college na hindi ko magawa, I was already working,” she expressed.

Based on the report, Willie Revillame’s daughter expressed that she never felt the feeling of being not known. She admitted that she used drugs before.

“I think it’s part of pagiging rebelde ko,” she said.

Meanwhile, Meryll Soriano stressed that she is clean from drugs for ten years already. According to her, what she learned from that part of her life is that anybody who is struggling should learn how to seek for a help.

Based on the report, she expressed that it was her faith and asking for help that saved her. Willie Revillame’s daughter said that she just woke up one day saying to God that she wants to stop it and then she talked to her parents.

Meryll Soriano who is one of the people who had the showbiz spotlight at a very young age was the star of the movie Rocky Plus V in 1991. It was her first movie.

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