Pablo Escobar’s Wealth? He Makes $810 per second…

PABLO ESCOBAR’S WEALTH – One of the richest people in the world during his time, Pablo Emilio Escobar estimated to make $810 per second then.

When it comes to wealth, there are a lot of people in the world who live in or below the poverty line but there are also those who wealth seem countless. Some of these individuals acquired their wealth from inheritance and hardwork while others were linked to corruption and ill doings.

One of the wealthiest individuals who ever lived but also lived with allegations regarding the source of his riches is Pablo Emilio Escobar. Born in 1949 in Rio Negro, Colombia, he grew to a middle-class status.

Pablo Escobar’s wealth made him one of the richest people in the world. However, his riches is accused to have been the product of his alleged drug involvement. He supposedly had ties with the Colombian government then to work things out.

The alleged ill-gotten wealth of Escobar is estimated at $50 billion. Based on a video posted on YouTube, one of his biggest properties was La Manuela, a mansion that costs $10 billion. He was allegedly able to secure it as he earned $810 per second for his ill doings.

Pablo Escobar’s wealth caught much attention but he defended that his mansion was procured legally. He has a lot of money that he hides it everywhere. He also owns a 20-acre vacation place in Guatape and named it after his daughter, Manuela Escober. He spent a lot of money in developing the area including the purchase of 15 private jets and other types of vehicles. It is also where he kept much of his wealth then.

However, eight months before he died, his property fell to an enemy attack leaving it as an abandoned mansion. Here’s the video:

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