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15 Famous Filipino Comedians And Their Off-Screen Names

15 Famous Filipino Comedians

The ability to make other people smile or laugh with humor is indeed a great talent. Not everyone can simply throw a joke and cause everyone’s stomach to feel hurt with the intense giggles. We call these people comedians. In television, there are these 15 famous Filipino comedians who were legends in comedy.

These 15 famous Filipino comedians were most often the sources of the televiewers’ smiles and laughs whenever they sit in front of the television to spend some time with their family. Their jokes are the ice breakers in heart-breaking soap operas aired in TV.

Usually, stars don’t use their real name in the showbiz industry. They use screen names instead like these 15 famous Filipino comedians.

Here is the list of the 15 famous Filipino comedians and their off-screen names.

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