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15 Filipino Celebrity Couples Who Have Ventured Years Together, Enjoying Their ‘Happily Ever After’

15 Filipino Celebrity Couples

The showbiz industry is a big arena of beautiful men and women. Most likely, actors and actresses find their perfect mate in the same field where cameras and issues can be their constant challenge. Do you know that despite the odds, there are 15 Filipino celebrity couples who made it for so many years?

Undeniably, marriage is one hard thing to keep up anywhere – most especially in show business. Stars could be the busiest people who are always posed with the great challenge to let some opportunities slide away to have time for their partner and kids. They work day and night in taping.

Nevertheless, there are those 15 Filipino celebrity couples whose love prevailed above everything. They were able to make it for so many years – reaching each other’s dreams without breaking apart.

Here is the list of the 15 Filipino celebrity couples who are enjoying their ‘happily ever after’.

1. Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer

12 years

1. Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer

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