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30 Highest-Paid Stars Across The Different Fields, Their Earnings Were ‘Wow’!

30 Highest-Paid Stars

Stars have different rates and the length in a certain field is indeed not an assurance of a higher one. Every field has its own bases. Every year, there is a change in terms of the 30 highest-paid stars. For 2016, the first in line ranges to $170 Million.

Behind every project or contest of every star lies hard practices, sleepless nights, and tiresome days. Matched with the three mentioned are also great talents and sweet successes – which undeniably could go with high fees. Do you know that the highest-paid stars for 2016 ranges between $55 Million to $170 Million?

Here is the list of the 30 stars that are paid greatly for this year.

30. Matt Damon

$55 Million — Actor

30. Matt Damon

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