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LOOK: It’s Aga Muhlach’s Birthday And Here’s A Message From His Wife Charlene

Aga Muhlach Celebrates His Birthday.

AGA MUHLACH – The wife of former actor Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach, posted a sweet birthday message for her husband on the social media.

Recently, Charlene took to her Instagram account a collage photo of Aga Muhlach’s photos, their family’s photo, a photo of her kissing Aga while the former actor blows the cake, and a photo of the cake that was given by her and their twins Atasha and Andres to Aga.

Along with the collage photo is a sweet birthday message for Aga wherein she started by greeting him a happy birthday as she tags him as her ‘love’.

In her message, the beauty queen-host thanked her husband for bringing love, happiness and laughter into her life and their kids’ lives. She expressed her gratitude to the former actor for, most especially, simply being him.

Charlene told Aga Muhlach that she loves him with all her heart.

“Happy Birthday Again B,” the beauty queen-model ended her birthday message for her husband.

The post hooked the attention of lots of netizens on the social media. As of the writing, it has already reached more than seven thousand likes and lots of Instagram users greeted Aga a happy birthday.

“Endless kagwapuhan! Pare Happy Birthday!” netizen @paos_gram told the former actor in a comment to the post.

In a comment to the post, Instagram user @ghaile_pach22 greeted the former actor a happy birthday as she tagged him as ‘Jerry’. She also expressed her wishes for Aga, good health and longer life, and her hope to see him in a movie with Agnes again.

Jerry or Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Gonzales is the character played by Aga Muhlach in a hit romantic film with Lea Salonga who played as Agnes Sarmiento.

Lots of people were undeniably hooked by the loveteam of Aga and Lea. Many hope for a reunion movie of the two stars.

Based on a previous entertainment report, Aga and Lea who were also linked to each other before remain to be very good friends even until now. There was even an instance wherein they had a dinner together with their spouses.

Most likely, that is another thing that supporters love about the Aga-Lea tandem.

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