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Nadine Lustre Addressed Her Bashers Amid Grief

Nadine Lustre gave her shout out for the people who judged her

In the midst of her grief, Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre is still holding on the hashtag ‘Keep Going’ which she initiated just recently.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre / Instagram

And behind the things she has been through, the young star gave her shout out to those who judged her for the past few days.

IG story of Nadine Lustre

IG story of Nadine Lustre / Preen

She also send out a message to everyone through her recent Instagram story to stop posting and reposting photos from the funeral of her brother Isaiah, said in a report of Preen.

IG story of Nadine Lustre

IG story of Nadine Lustre / Preen

Netizens got curious when the actress first posted a semicolon on her IG stroy on Tuesday which was followed by her boyfriend James Reid an hour after, said in a previous report.

Semicolon is a known symbol for suicide awareness and a recent report  confirmed that her brother committed suicide.

This is such an unexpected happening to her life but Nadine Lustre still managed to address her bashers.

She gave her message to those who have given her prejudices and she done it very strongly.

On her IG story, the Kapamilya actress said that her bashers will never see her down because she is always up.

On the other hand, Nadine said to those people who have been sharing her stories about being down and depress, she assured that she reading those stories.

This is one example that Nadine Lustre cares about her fans.

“I GOT U”, the actress said this heartfelt message to her fans, said in a report.

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