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Candy Pangilinan Opens Up Current Feeling For Cheating Ex-Husband

Candy Pangilinan revealed what she feels every time he remembers he cheating ex-husband

Actress/comedienne Candy Pangilinan admitted what she really feels every time she recalls about the unfortunate event in her life which compromised her married life.

The ‘Deadma Walking’ actress still can’t avoid getting emotional on the fact that her married with her ex-husband Gilbert Alvarado already faced its end because of the latter’s mistake.

Another thing that is causing her emotion to stir up is her son Quentin who has autism.

Candy Pangilinan

Candy Pangilinan (Instagram)

According to a report of Pilipino Star Ngayon columnist Aster Amoyo, Candy and Gilbert separated because the latter cheated on the actress.

That happened during the time when Quentin, who is now 14 years old, was just only one month old. It caused a lot of pain to the comedienne and surely what happened was not that easy to handle.

During the separation, since Candy Pangilinan just gave birth back then, she gained weight, she was jobless and the worst of it all, is the emotional baggage she was forced to carry alone.

The actress/host felt like she is carrying the weight of the whole world because of what happened to her marriage, based on the report.

Behind all that sorrows because of her failed relationship, Candy found hope to move on and continue to live her life.

Candy Pangilinan and Quentin

Candy and Quentin (Instagram)

She once again found a way to surpass the problem through her son who have been giving her strength to fight her life’s struggles.

Aside from that, she also found support from her family and her loyal friends who did not fail to be there for her especially in the times of distress.

Her showbiz friends such as Gelli De Belen and Karla Estrada were there for her, ready to catch her back.

Those were the factor that helped Candy Pangilinan to rise again from the drastic event in her life.

She also found the most important reason why she needs to have a better outlook in life and that is her growing up son, based on a report.

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