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WATCH: Video of Claudia Barretto’s Debut Celebration, Find Out What Julia Said To Her Sister

Video of Claudia Barretto’s 18th Birthday Celebration

CLAUDIA BARRETTO – Singer Claudia Barretto has recently turned 18 and there was a grand celebration prepared for her as she approached another chapter in her life.

Claudia Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. She is the younger sister of young Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto who gave a message for her during her debut celebration.

Based on the video edited and posted by Nice Print Photography on Youtube, during her sister’s 18th birthday celebration, Julia shared about her initial reaction when Claudia was born.

Julia and Claudia Barretto

Screenshot from the Video posted by NicePrintChannel on Youtube

According to her, she was so happy that she is going to have a little sister. She said that growing up with Claudia, she had somebody who will protect and guide her.

“I’m very thankful for you and I love you. I’m very proud of you,” Julia told Claudia which made the younger Barretto turn emotional.

Based on the video, some of the celebrities who were there in the birthday celebration of Claudia were Joshua Garcia, Rayver Cruz, Sam Concepcion, and Erich Gonzales. Aside from Julia Barretto, Claudia’s mom also gave a message for the birthday girl.

“What more can a mom ask for? I mean, she’s almost perfect. She’s beautiful, she’s so intelligent, hardworking,” Marjorie described her beloved daughter Claudia in front of many people based on the video.

According to Marjorie, the celebration of Claudia’s birthday’s a gathering of their family, close friends, and friends who became family to them.

Claudia Barretto and her sister Julia are two of the rising stars from the Barretto clan now and they both excel in their chosen field.

While Julia excels in the field of acting and is now paired with Joshua Garcia on-screen based on a previous report, Claudia shines well in the music industry and she already has an album. They are another actress and singer from the family.

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