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ER Ejercito’s Trash Talk Towards PNoy Criticized By Columnist

A columnist criticized the trash talk of ER Ejercito intended for former President Noynoy Aquino

A columnist in Bandera in the person of Ronnie Carrasco III criticized the trash talk which former Governor of the province of Laguna ER Ejercito intended for former President Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino III or PNoy.

Reportedly, Ejercito, who is also known as good in portraying antagonist roles in movies, said harsh comments against the former leader of the Philippines.

ER Ejercito's Trash Talk Towards PNoy Received Criticism From Columnist

Er Ejercito (PSR)

According to the recent article of Carrasco, the ex-Governor said during a recent interview that he will shoot PNoy in the head when their paths will cross.

This threatening statement from Ejercito was followed with a demeaning comment towards the former President of the country, based on the article.

During a recent rally, in front of the DDS supporters in multitude, Carrasco said that the former provincial government official said a rhyming phrase that attacked PNoy and it is “PNoy Abnoy!”

In addition to that, ER Ejercito, reportedly said that PNoy should be dead by now and according to Carrasco he is so brave to say that as if he has a clinical basis to support him.

ER Ejercito's Trash Talk Towards PNoy Received Criticism From Columnist

Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (Global News)

Basing from the trash talk from the former Governor towards the former President, the Bandera columnist said that he remembered the antagonist roles being played by Ejercito in his previous movies.

According to Carrasco, the word “abnoy” must be associated to Ejercito rather than to PNoy.

The columnist also criticized the educational background of the ex-public official because it seems that he was just ‘schooled’ but not ‘learned’, although he finished his studies.

In addition, the columnist said that he should gargle and clean his mouth because of the foul words coming out from it.

Carrasco also felt fear for ER Ejercito because of the harsh comments and threats he said to the former President.

“Lest he forget, marami pa rin ang mga tagasuporta ni PNoy, and the number is multiplied many times over dahil sa rami rin ng mga kakampi ni Kris Aquino and the rest of the family.” he said on his article.

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