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Here Are Things That Women Must Avoid During Period – Every Woman Must See This

If there is one event in a woman’s life that they really don’t want to happen is their period. It is a natural process of the body after the egg cell in the female’s body became ripe but haven’t been fertilized by a sperm. Many women experience discomfort on or before their period.


This happens once in a month usually in the last week or in the first week of the next month.

Many women sometimes take medications just to ease the pain they’re having. But, one can actually apply hot compress on the lower abdomen.

But, just like other body conditions, there are things that shouldn’t be done.

1. Do not skip meals
During your period, you lose certain amounts of blood that’s why, you need to refill in time. You also need energy.


2. Refrain physical activities
Doing physical things will just add pain in your back and abdomen.


3. Do not make love.
This is a no-no for because this might lead on infections. Eeew.


4. Don’t eat in a fast food
You need to eat “real food” and nutrients as well. So avoid eating fast food, please.


5. Work
Although this might be impossible if you’re an employee, but, still, the best way is to just stay in bed and rest.


6. Staying awake all night.
Since you need to have energy for another day, please, sleep long enough to be ready.

woman awake

Now, you need to bear with these reminders if you really wanted to survive your period with lesser pain. Make sure to always fill yourself with water, proper nutrients from veggies and fruits, and take a good rest.


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