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Save A Lot Of Water With This Ingenious Way To Irrigate Plants To Save Water

Water is one of the most important element here on earth, without it, no lives would exist. But what’s wrong nowadays is that this precious resource is becoming increasingly rare, which is why wasting it is really a no-no and it has become a priority which no one can afford to just ignore.

In the cultivation process, water is much wasted as it evaporates due to the sun but in this article we are going to show you a more sensible and economical irrigation technique – Solar Drip Irrigation.

This aims to provide an efficient and simple system to install, to increase production while decreasing significantly water wastage.

The setup is not as simple as you think, cut a normal plastic bottle in half, top it with a much larger battle which is also cut in half.

Keep the small container full of water.

Simply place the two bottle on the ground, near the plants to be irrigated; the hay helps to keep moisture in the ground.

The sun rays heat the water in the bottle. And because of it, the water will evaporate, and because of the larger bottle, the water drops cannot escape so they drip into the soil, irrigating it.

Thus, the evaporation of moisture into the air is practically nil and not at least, the plants are irrigated with distilled water.

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