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Doctor Suggested 12-Year-Old Girl To Deliver Her Baby Brother, Look What Happened

12-year-old Jacee Dellapenna delivered her younger sibling.

Jacee Dellapenna, 12-year-old girl, was able to deliver her baby brother successfully under a doctor’s supervision.

Based on a recent post on the Facebook page Love What Matters, a 12-year-old girl named Jacee Dellapenna just experienced one of the best moments of her life.

The post was submitted by Jacee’s mother Dede Dellapenna and Nikki Smith.

Jacee Dellapenna

Photo lifted from the Facebook page Love What Matters

According to Dede, 18 months ago, her eldest daughter desired to watch the birth of Zadyn. However, thinking that she was too young for it, Dede and her husband did not allow her.

Later on, during Dede’s recent pregnancy, the couple talked about it and decided to permit their young daughter to witness her mom giving birth.

“So this pregnancy her dad and I discussed it and decided it might be a good learning experience for her!”

Based on the post, Jacee Dellapenna came to the hospital together with her father during noontime. It was around 8:00 in the evening when the pregnant mom started to push.

At first, the 12-year-old was disappointed thinking that she might not be able to witness the child birth as the bed was converted and she was short to see the view.

According to Dede, her doctor, Dr. Walter Wolfe, surprisingly suggested her young girl to deliver her baby brother.

Under the supervision of the doctor and together with her parents’ consent, Jacee Dellapenna experienced delivering her younger sibling.

“Dr. Wolfe actually put her hands on the inside of his and allowed her to do the entire delivery.”

According to the proud mother, the reaction of her 12-year-old daughter really helped her during those moment wherein she faced intense pain.

Based on the post, they were really emotional during that moment.

The post went viral on the social media. As of the writing, it has already gained more than eight thousand shares.

Lots of netizens were really moved by the reaction of Jacee Dellapenna as she delivers her baby brother. Many Facebook users congratulated Jacee, her parents, and the doctor for the success.

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