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Jessy Mendiola Reveals She’s Still Not Ready To Get Married With Luis Manzano

Jessy Mendiola revealed her reason why she can’t get married yet to Luis Manzano

Actress and Luis Manzano’s girlfriend Jessy Mendiola was asked if she is ready to get married sooner or later with the Kapamilya host who have been her boyfriend for more than a year now.

In a previous report, the ‘I Can See Your Voice’ host revealed that he can’t wait to get married with his girlfriend who recently posted her perception about ideal love on her IG story.

On her part, the Kapamilya actress said in a report of Bandera, which newspaper columnist Ervin Santiago wrote, that she is not yet ready to tie the knot with her boyfriend Luis.

Jessy Reveals Why She's Not Yet Ready To Get Married With Luis

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola (Instagram)

Celebrating her 25th birthday, Jessy felt like that she is not going to embrace yet the life of a married woman and she is not sure of the time when will it going to happen.

“I don’t know yet. Hindi ko pa talaga alam. I’m giving myself time…” the Kapamilya actress said during an interview based on Bandera’s report.

She added that it is because for her, marriage is not just other things that can be done in just a whim or it can be done in just an instance.

Furthermore, the girlfriend of Luis stated that getting into a married life is something that must be thought thoroughly and that someone must not follow the rush just because it is something you want.

One of the reasons why she still hesitant to settle down is that she wants to do more in her life before she will finally be a wife.

“Feeling ko ang dami ko pang kailangan gawin in life not only in my career, but also in life and for myself for me to say that I am absolutely sure and ready to settle down,” the Kapamilya actress said in a report.

On the other hand, Jessy is sure in her conviction that her boyfriend is really a husband material and even a father material to their babies in the future.

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