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Take A Look At John Travolta’s $12.5M House In Florida, He Has Everything

Okay, there’s no more questioning why Hollywood stars have a lot of money. Even those that aren’t exactly at the height of their powers and earning potentials. Just like John Travolta, for example. Sure, he’s a big name, but when was the last time you saw him on Television? When did he that weird awkward dance?

He has been a big deal in acting circles for decades. Which means he earned a lot of money. And, as if you needed proof of the size of John Travolta’s bank account, take a look at John’s house. It’s immense!


Oh well, John Travolta has his own airport. We mean – sure – it is kinda crazy, but in fairness to him… He is a fully qualified pilot!


The actor also has a 16 car garage on site. The place is an hour and a half away from Orlando airport.


61-year-old Travolta and actress Kelly Preston, his wife of over 24 years, designed the amazing mansion around his jet planes because they wanted ‘to have access to the world in a moment’s notice.’


Now that’s what we call a nice place! Well done, John.


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