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LOOK: Kris Aquino’s ‘P.S. Straight From My Heart’ Dedicated To Her One Particular Ex-Boyfriend

Kris Aquino shared her “P.S. Straight From My Heart” which is dedicated to her one particular ex-boyfriend

What was Kris Aquino’s “P.S. Straight From My Heart” is all about?

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino who is now a vlogging star through her YouTube channel, previously touched the topic about her exes.

This is in line with her promotional vlog about the latest from the Cupertino-based tech giant, the Apple iPhone X.

In a previous report, the former Kapamilya morning show host said some ‘hugot’ lines about past relationships which gathered both surprise and admiration from the netizens.

P.S. Straight from the heart, Kris Aquino's vlog for her particular ex

Kris Aquino (file photo)

Some netizens commended her for wittily connecting her own life experience to the product she is endorsing while there are those who are a bit surprise when she touched that certain topic.

Following that, her most recent vlog, as of the writing, is a clarification of the said vlog about exes which she titled with “P.S. Straight From My Heart”.

The video was just a one-minute still message but the description to it is the explanation on why her ex was there on her feature of the latest smartphone from Apple.

The Queen of Talk started out her caption on discussing the fact the someone cannot choose who to be his or her ex but what will be the end thing depends on the person.

“We don’t really get to choose our exes, unless we did the breaking up. But we do get to choose whether to completely erase them from our lives, or try the treacherous path of building a friendship…” 

P.S. Straight from the heart, Kris Aquino's vlog for her particular ex

Kris Aquino (file photo)

She then expressed her gratitude to her ex who was game enough to accompany her on her vlog about iPhone X, however, she clarified that everything that happened to them in the past are already in the past.

“No- i’m not hung up on him anymore. We’ve made our PEACE.” 

The celebrity vlogger also said a promise to support her ex in whatever the coming year will provide but she is willing to be out of the scene if it is needed.

“So wherever 2019 may lead Mayor HB, he not only has my vote BUT he has my promise to campaign for him if it will be helpful, or to totally disappear if it will be a burden.”

Kris Aquino’s “P.S. Straight From My Heart” ended with a call to all her followers to just read what she was written.

“Please don’t read anymore into this than what i’ve written, it is what it is- walang dagdag bawas, walang pa-cute, and walang hopia (after all we don’t offer that in Chowking). ❤” 

screen shot from Kris Aquino’s blog post

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