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LOOK: Kylie Padilla Describes Aljur and Alas Joaquin, Find Out What She Said

Kylie Padilla described her boyfriend Aljur Abrenica and their little one, Alas Joaquin.

KYLIE PADILLA – Singer and actress Kylie Padilla took to the social media a photo of her little family together with a heart-melting caption.

The daughter of famous Filipino actor Robin Padilla, Kylie, has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy named Alas Joaquin whom she shares with boyfriend Aljur Abrenica.

Based on a previous report, Kylie Padilla bravely faced all the pain to give birth to their little prince. She and Aljur are very happy to finally see the fruit of their love for each other.

Recently, the singer-actress took to the social media a happy photo of her little family. In her caption, Kylie described Aljur and Alas as the two boys who own her heart.

The two boys who own my heart.

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Lots of people, most especially the family, friends, and supporters of the two stars, were very happy for the birth of the baby boy of Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla.

Reportedly, the proud mother of Alas Joaquin went through a lot to give birth to her first son. Netizen Ghee Castro even said in a post that it was the first time that she saw Kylie shaking and facing great pains.

According to her, she really knew the singer-actress as a physically strong woman. The netizen said that she couldn’t really describe the atmosphere in the delivery room when Kylie Padilla was about to give birth to her little one.

The initial plan was to do it through water birth. However, based on a previous report, the cervix of the singer-actress did not fully dilated when it reached 8cm and they had to it through normal delivery.

Nevertheless, all the pains suffered by the young mother seem to go away upon finally seeing her little one.

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