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MUST-SEE: Netizens React On Caption Of Luis Manzano’s Photo With Jessy Mendiola

Luis Manzano posts sweet message for Jessy Mendiola.

LUIS MANZANO – As they celebrate their anniversary, Luis Manzano posted a sweet message for his beloved girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola.

Luis took to his Instagram account a photo of him and Jessy Mendiola together with a heart-melting caption. The Kapamilya host greeted his girlfriend ‘happy anniversary’ as he called her ‘Wowow’.

Luis Manzano also thanked Jessy Mendiola for leaving a smile to his face after one year. He stated that he looks forward to many more.

The prominent personality in the field of hosting also told Jessy in a post that her strength never fails to impress him.

“Amazing would be an understatement to describe you. I wowow you!”

The sweet post of the famous personality in the field of hosting caught the attention of the netizens on the social media. Lots of people commented to it.

Instagram user @iamjhingsky tagged the couple as an ‘inspiration’ as they really fought for their love. She also expressed her hope that ‘people will learn to embrace love [and] not hatred for others’.

Netizen @chachiecharm stated in a comment that Luis and Jessy both deserve to be happy.

In their comments to the post, lots of netizens advised the couple not to mind the bashers.

Based on a previous news report, Jessy also took to her social media account a photo of Luis Manzano together with a sweet caption wherein she thanked her boyfriend for coming into her life.

Reportedly, it was on the month of June last year when Luis and Jessy became official. Their love undeniably survived the many issues that were thrown to them after rumors that they were seeing each other circulated.

Nevertheless, Luis Manzano has already clarified that he was already single when he and Jessy started to hangout. According to him, on January, he was already single and it was during his birthday on April when he and her now-girlfriend started really spent time together.

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