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Maine Mendoza Takes Kris Aquino’s Status As Top Product Endorser

Maine Mendoza surpassed Kris Aquino being the top endorser of several products.

The social media sensation turned actress of the Kapuso network has now replaced the “Queen of all media” Kris Aquino being the top endorser of the country.

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Maine Mendoza had risen to fame because of her Dubsmash videos which eventually led her to become of what and where she is now and that is being an actress at the peak of her success.

She even got more popular when she got paired up with Alden Richards to where their love tandem was tagged by the public and known on television as “AlDub”.

Both of them rose to greater prominence to the extent that they have already made several hit series and movies.

Their love team actually grew and rooted at “Juan for All, All for Juan, one of the segments of the noon time show of the Kapuso network Eat Bulaga to where they were featured and remarked the “Kalyeserye”.

Accordingly to the news report released by the Yahoo Philippines, the Philippine Association of Philippine Advertisers (APA) had just confirmed the news recently.

And the confirmation said that Maine had already replaced Kris as the top product endorser of the country.

Soltero Salazar of APA have stated, “It cannot be denied that Ms. Kris [Aquino] has been the favorite of product companies for more than two decades for their advertisements. But apparently, this has not been the case this year.” 

He even stressed, “Maine Mendoza became a YouTube sensation when impersonated Kris Aquino, and went on to her phenomenal character, Yaya Dub. And now, she is a very effective in product endorsements, and has already appeared in tons of TV commercials.”

Moreover, he said that the leaving of the host from her previous network, the ABS-CBN, has been a huge factor for the sudden change in the advertising industry to which accordingly is a rare case.

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