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Maja Salvador Reveals That She Is Envious To Other People Because Of This Reason

Maja Salvador shared the reason why she feels envy towards other people

‘Wildflower’ lead actress Maja Salvador recently revealed that there is one thing that makes her feel envious towards other people.

During the time she visited the Ephesus Home for Girls located in Guiguinto, province of Bulacan, the actress/dancer said that she feels envy every time she sees other people who had been able to finish their studies.

In a previous report, the Kapamilya star revealed that she was learning the English language through a lesson online. This is her way to improve herself in one aspect that she thinks she does not excel well.

Maja Salvador feels envy to other people

Maja Salvador (Instagram)

That is one point that Maja really sees the importance of education in one’s life, based on a report of Pilipino Star Ngayon.

She related during the time that she spent a day with the abused and abandoned children in the aforementioned institution, she once again felt the importance to acquire learning.

The children in Ephesus Home for Girls, for seven years now, had been receiving help and support from the Kapamilya actress.

She told them that, they should value their education because it is important. This is one thing that she envies about them because they are still young and they have the opportunity to finish their studies.

 Maja Salvador feels envy to other people

Maja Salvador (Instagram)

Despite being successful as an actress, dancer and commercial model, she still wants to improve that certain aspect of her life.

Maja Salvador also said that if it just possible, she would share all the blessings she has to the unfortunate children for the reason that she also experienced not having a whole family.

Meanwhile, the Kapamilya star is set to spend the holidays in Canada with her family. She said that she already misses her mother and her home-cooked dishes.

“To be with my family, ‘yon lang talaga, simple lang. Saka ‘yung luto ng mommy ko, gusto ko ng sopas, ‘yon lang ang hinihingi kong lutuin niya,” the actress said in a report.

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