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Man Used To Work At Coca-Cola Until He Found Something Unbelievable – Must See

Many have said that there are so many harmful effects of Coca-Cola drinks to people. But, it seemed that people from any age just love drinking it.

Indeed, people really love sweets. This may be cakes, chocolates, candies, and even in fuzzy soft drinks.

But, doctors and other health experts already warned all about the bad effect of drinking such drinks. Did you know that it can really contribute on being overweight?

Coca-Cola Sugar

A man named Chris Hemmings was a worker for Coca-Cola before. But, a moment happened to him wherein he saw a child handling a two-liter bottle of Sprite. That contains about 136 grams of sugar which mean it’s 144 percent of his daily recommended amount of sugar.

“I had become the conduit for obes1ty, and it felt awful,” Hemmings said.
Coca-Cola Sugar

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Source: The Quint

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