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Michelle Madrigal Opens Up Her Difficulties As A New Mom

Michelle Madrigal shares her struggles as a new mom on her Instagram post

Michelle Madrigal, a former talent of GMA network shared on her Instagram account the details of giving birth to her first-born baby and how it is like to be a first-time mom.

Michelle Madrigal shares struggles as first time mom

Michelle Madrigal (Instagram)

Above all her showbiz engagements, she prioritized her private life and now she and her fiance former football player Troy Woolfolk have the joy of their life besside them, their baby Anika.

In a report of GMA Entertainment, the actress revealed that difficulties she experience in being a new mom.

Michelle Madrigal said that after a week of giving birth she admitted that it has never been easy for her as the things she is experiencing now are new to her.

She cited that those sleepless nights in order to attend the needs of their baby has been a struggle for her, especially when the little girl cries and she can’t figure out what she needs.

“It’s been a roller coaster experience for me and sometimes I just cry to let it all out”, the former Kapuso actress wrote on her caption.

The new mom also admitted that until now she is dealing with her hormonal changes, however she is glad to say that their little baby keeps her sane.

At the end of her caption, Michelle Madrigal said that through their baby Anika, she knows now what is the true meaning of unconditional love.

Indeed, it was a roller coaster ride for her as a first-time mom but the important thing is that she looks forward to be the best mom for her child.

Baby Anika was born last October 20, said in a report.

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