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WATCH: Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff’s Engagement Video

Erwan Heussaff shared on his YouTube channel the engagement video he made for Anne Curtis

“It’s funny how you’ll never truly know what you want until it is right there in front of you,” Erwan Heussaff started out his engagement video for his wife Anne Curtis with this line.

On his official YouTube channel, the chef and vlogger shared to the whole world the video which Anne was watching right before he popped up the “Will you marry me?” question to her.

After their wedding in New Zealand which had a blasting wedding reception, Erwan shared the moment he has been through over the years as the man beside the woman who he considers the one for him.

Anne and Erwan's Engagement Video

Screen grab from Anne and Erwan’s Engagement Video

On the said video, the vlogger artistically describe who is Anne in his life while showing the beauty of the woman who has made her heart go thumping drastically inside his chest.

“Sometimes, things just make sense. Now I know that’s an over simplification of what love is. It fits and it hurts at the same time, the true duality of the universe”, Erwan narrates on the video.

The travels made by the couple in different parts of the world was also showcased on the YouTube video which the vlogger also shared on his official Instagram account.

“Two people who happened to find each other and fought hard to end up together”, the husband of Anne Curtis described how he views their relationship together.

It was also obvious that every moment on the two-minute video, which was originally lasted for 15 minutes, showcased the look of love the couple intended for each other.

Every smile, every look, every touch that Anne and Erwan give to each other spelled out the deepest feeling they share.

“When two such people encounter each other and their eyes meet, the past and future had become unimportant”, the vloggers shared in the video.

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