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Wyn Marquez Has Message For All Who Questioned Her Ability To Be Reina Hisapanoamericana 2017

Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Wyn Marquez shares her heartfelt message for family, fans and for her bashers as well

After she was crowned as this year’s Reina Hispanoamericana, Wyn Marquez shares her feeling towards all her supporters and loved ones who in every way showed their love and support for her especially during the pageant in Bolivia.

Wyn Marquez shares her message for fans, bashers and family

Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Wyn Marquez (Instagram)

It was an overwhelming feeling for the Pinay beauty queen to be the first ever Filipina and only Asian who won the crown on the said competition and after the competition she had an opportunity to celebrate her achievement with fellow Filipinos in Bolivia.

Her long message for everyone on her Instagram post started in the premise that though Reina Hispanoamericana might not be as famous as other international beauty pageants, but if people will just find time to know about it they will know the real value of it.

She also related the difficulties she had upon arriving in the South American country where the pageant was held and it is not only because it was the first time for the Philippines to send a representative there but also because Wyn is not that fluent in speaking Spanish.

Wyn Marquez shares as well her endless gratitude for all the people who have shown their support and faith that she could have the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 crown.

“To mama, daddy, pangga ko and to my whole family kayo ang rock ko thank you for being beside me sa lahat lahat even if may point na ayaw niyo na ako sumali kasi nakita niyo kung gaano ako nalungkot pero dahil nakita niyo na gusto ko talaga you guys held my hand all the way to my dream” Wyn said for her loved ones.

Another thing which the Pinay beauty queen revealed is that initially it was her brother and aunt who only clapped for her but eventually people started to recognized her distinctness among the pageant candidates.

And her message to those who questioned her ability to be the representative of the country, she said this:

“Sa mga bashers and mga ibang pinoy na hindi naniniwala sa akin at sa RHA po salamat padin po dahil sa mga sinabi niyo po sa akin mas gusto ko patunayan sa sarili ko na kaya ko,” Wyn also addressed her unbelievers.

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