Pinoy Christmas Foods: 10 Foods That Filipinos Usually Never Miss To Have

PINOY CHRISTMAS FOODS – Here are ten (10) foods that Filipinos usually never miss to prepare on Christmas eve and parties with family and friends.

Philippines has one of the longest celebrations of the holiday season. As early as September, many people start preparing. A lot of tables are really filled with foods on the eve of Christmas and during Christmas parties and events.

1. Lechon Manok

This is really one of the viands that Filipinos love to have on Christmas eve. Also, it is one of the easiest to buy and bring in family celebrations and events with friends.

Pinoy Christmas Foods

2. Spaghetti

Spaghetti never misses almost all sorts of celebrations. It is the favorite of many people most especially kids.


3. Ham

Is ham also one of your favorite Pinoy Christmas foods? It can be paired with bread and it may also work well with rice.

Pinoy Christmas Foods

4. Macaroni Salad

When it comes to dessert, even the TV commercials could attest that macaroni salad is one of the favorite of many Filipinos to have during Christmas.

Pinoy Christmas Foods

5. Crispy Pata

Another viand that many Filipino families prepare for Christmas eve or during Christmas parties and events is crispy pata. It is best paired with fried sweet potatoes on its sides.

Crispy Pata

6. Leche Flan

Another dessert that is a favorite of many Pinoys is Leche Flan. This is usually prepared a day before the Christmas eve or the Christmas party.

Leche Flan

7. Buko Pandan Salad

Aside from macaroni salad, another type of salad that many Filipino families have on their dinner table is Buko Pandan salad. It is made of coconut, pandan leaves, and sago pearls.

Buko Pandan Salad

8. Cake

Cake is one of the usual preparation on the table on any celebration aside from spaghetti. It is one of the desserts on the table.

Pinoy Christmas Foods

9. Loaf Bread

Usually paired with spaghetti or ham, most Filipino tables do not miss loaf bread during Christmas eve. This really boosts the vibe of traditional Christmas.

Loaf Bread

10. Pancit

Who won’t like pancit on the table? It is one of the Pinoy Christmas foods that is usually prepared in the late afternoon for people to eat while making the other preparations.

Pinoy Christmas Foods

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