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This Amazing Kinetic Sculpture in Singapore Changi Airport Is Really An Attention Catcher

Singapore Changi Airport is not just popular for its new and improved structure, it is also well-known for its amazing kinetic sculpture displayed in one part of the hangar.

The amazing design of the Kinetic Sculpture in the airport will surely capture your attention as it is made to attract passersby with its magic-like appearance.

Watch the video below and be stunned with the magnificence of this unique sculpture in Singapore Changi Airport.

This is one of the unique representation of the so-called Kinetic art or art in motion. This art manifestation has generally settled into a higher level for Kinetic artworks are now being run by technology.

We should not be surprised on what might be the masterpieces in the near future, for at this moment of time, we have been treated a glimpse of it.

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