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Time-Travel New York From Way Back 125 Years Ago To How Beautiful And Fruitful It Has Become Today

Everything changes- slowly but constantly. There’s no such thing which lasts and stays forever and it only takes a matter of time. The only thing that is constant in life is change and it’s all around us- people change their philosophies in life and civilization grow.

Civilization doesn’t only include how people live but where people stayed to live. What has happened to society over the past decades? Do changes produce better territory and people, or does it ruin everything to tiny grain of sand?

Take New York City for an instance. Right before England took over and controls the city, it was the nation of different American tribes where unity resides. But like many other countries around the world, the interest of claiming the land never stops. It was a piece of attraction between many invaders including England and Netherlands not until it was reclaim its own independence on the 4th of July, 1977.

Long before it was dubbed as ‘The City of Dreams’ and ‘The Center of The Universe’, New York City beautifully looks like these:

new york 1

Times Square, 1890

new york 4

Times Square, 1935

new york 6

Times Square, 1941

new york city 1

Times Square, 1955

new york 10

Broadway & W 45th Street, 1939

new york 12

42nd Street, 1932

new york 14

B&O Howe Truss, 1971

How fascinating time has changed New York City for almost 125 years. There are few establishments yet the nature of progress is far different from other cities around the world. No wonder it was dubbed as the ‘City of Dreams’ because New York City was the Paris and the modern Las Vegas in one.

Time passed by and New York City transformed into something its people don’t even expect. It has now become the most populous city of United States wherein different races around the world can be found. It made an impact to faces of society from economy, entertainment and to education.

After 125 fruitful years, this is the new New York City we’d like to continue chasing our dreams:

new york 2

Times Square, 2012

new york 5

Times Square, 2009

new york 7

Times Square, 2013

new york 9

Times Square, 2012

new york 11

Broadway & W 45th Street, 2013

new york 13

42nd Street, 2008

new york 15

B&O Howe Truss, 2010

new york city 3

New York City, 2015

new york city 4

New York City, 2015

new york city 2

New York City, 2015

Feel in love with NYC.. may it be then and now.. <3


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