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Extremely Rare Smoke Ring Puffs Out From A Volcano. Witness This Extraordinary Spectacle Here.

Volcanoes are just one of the amazing land formations in the world having a different and unique feature. It is a breach on the land which exhausts hot lava, volcanic ash and gases which escape from its mouth. But unlike mountains, Volcanoes have magma chamber below its surface. And more to that, volcanoes can be dangerous that is why experts just limit the people’s distance while in volcanic zones.

Days before a volcanic eruption, a certain volcano expends gases, clouds of ashes and little of lava outside its surface. But this spectacular smoke belched by the Mt. Etna was recorded on video. Mt. Etna is a stratovolcano naturally mounted on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. But one thing more amazing about this volcano is that it has incredibly puffed a rarely seen smoke ring.

This smoke ring was caught on camera floating atop Mt. Etna and creating wonderful scene at Sicily’s blue skies.

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