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Solenn Heussaff Had The Best Prank Of Her Life Courtesy Of Her Husband

Nico’s prank is too hilarious that even Solenn laughed about it

Nico Bolzico, the husband of Kapuso actress Solenn Heussaff, posted a video prank on his Instagram account.

Nico pulled a prank to Solenn

Nico Bolzic and Solenn Heussaff / GMA Network

The most lucky victim: Solenn!

Last night bored waiting for Wifezilla Step by step (watch video before reading) 1- Call wife, ask at what time she will be home, tell her you will arrive 30 min later than her and mentioned you left an envelope w a document for her to read. 2- Expect her to be between 20 to 30 minutes late. 2- Dress like icecream man to blend. 3- Put some balls deodorand coz after 10 min you will sweat like a fake witness, remember “you are NOT at home” so no aircon 4- Turn off the lights, “you are NOT home” 5- make sure she is not holding any solid object that can turn into a weapon. 6- Apologize inmediatelly after her reaction. 7- Have a plan B in case point 6 doesnt work. 8- Buy confy pillows for the dog house. Note: this video was executed by professionals under a very controled enviroment, we do NOT reccomend you do this at home, wifezillas’ reactions are unpredictable and damages can be irreparables. #captioneffordlevelbatman #wifezillaseries #probablythelastprankofourmarriage #sorrynotsosorryIamactuallyverysorry #ripnico #prankchallenge

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The poor, innocent Solenn has no idea that she will have the greatest surprise of her life in a hilarious manner.

Nico has even included a step by step instruction for those who want to follow the prank he did to his wife.

The video has now more 300,000 views and still counting and netizens can’t help but express their bursting laugh.

  • ilovexhiandiHUMAYGADDDD ! @nicobolzico I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING ? ??? PAWERRRR BESH ?????
  • applee02Hahahahah highlight of my night ??? OMG! I almost had a heart attack when solenn was frightened and scream so loud , but at the end I was laughing so hard ???#pranksnicowasthebesttowifezilla
  • anj_dilaoMany many times I watch this … stil funny hahahhahah. Cool couple ???

This is part of Nico’s ‘Wifezilla’ series which he started with a towel color coding episode.

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