Robot Hotel: A Tour at the World’s First of this Kind of Hotel Found in Japan

ROBOT HOTEL – Here is a video tour of the world’s first of this kind of hotel, a very strange one, found in Japan.

Technology has come a very long way that there is now a huge structure, at least one across the globe, that operates without daily intervention by humans to push through its services. This structure is the Henn Na Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

The hotel industry is one of the most progressive industries in the global arena. It is mainly because traveling is a part of a huge slice of the global population. Many people usually take an international travel at least once a month for business purposes while others do it at least once a year for leisure or relaxation.

Are you one of those people who love to travel? Many individuals who are into traveling prefer staying either in hotel and resorts. It is to secure their utmost comfort and make sure they get enough rest to get on to the next day of adventure. In many cases, hotel staycation is also an experience to count aside from the target destination itself.

If you are into staying in hotels during travel or vacation and you also want to try the strangest things, why not stay in the world’s very first robot hotel in Tokyo, Japan, the Henna Na Hotel?

The hotel staff in Henn Na Hotel are all robots and the services are offered through machines that provide automatic services like the carrying of the guests’ luggage and the closing of the windows. Ruhi Cenet took the chance to experience this unique hotel.

In a video posted on YouTube, he shared that they first came to the male robot staff that greeted them when they arrived in the hotel. The robots how and it was the female robot that gave them the instructions in checking in and paying for their hotel stay.

In the elevator, there is also a signage informing guests that there are no humans that do the laundry and cook in the hotel. Meanwhile, there are areas where guests can have their clothes cleaned by the machines and as well as an area where food can be sold.

The rooms open through face recognition and the air-condition automatically turns on. There is also a wardrobe storage that automatically cleans and irons the clothes through the steam. Here is the video:

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