Sharon Cuneta’s Net Worth – Here’s How Rich the Philippines’ Megastar Is

SHARON CUNETA’S NET WORTH – Here’s how rich actress-singer Sharon Cuneta who is considered as the Philippines’ Megastar is.

In the Philippine showbiz industry, there are several individuals who worked their way to the top and enjoyed the spotlight for several years. The limelight enabled them to save a lot of money that they can also invest in other fields to make it grow.

Being on the limelight, it paved the way for a lot of opportunities like countless projects and high talent fees. One of those who had her years of being on the spotlight is actress-singer Sharon Cuneta.

Sharon Cuneta
Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta is considered as the Philippines’ Megastar. At a young age, many of her including Mr. DJ became a hit. She also got several hit films together with her former loveteam partner, Gabby Concepcion.

Sharon and Gabby’s on-screen tandem led to a real-life relationship. They married and their marriage was blessed with a daughter – KC Concepcion. Like her parents, KC is also very talented. She is also a singer and she had her years with acting projects but she pursued a more private life and focused on her business.

Sharon Cuneta

Gabby and Sharon separated. The Megastar found love in Senator Franchis “Kiko” Pangilinan with whom she has three other children – Frankie, Miel, and Miguel. It is no secret to the public that their only son, Miguel, is an adopted son of the couple but they love him like no other.

Sharon Cuneta Family

Although she is quite inactive in showbiz now and is on a semi-retirement as she has previously announced, it is no secret to the public that Sharon Cuneta’s net worth is soaring.

Among the many wealthy Filipino celebrities in the showbiz industry, Sharon Cuneta’s net worth flies on top as it is known to be at Php 1 – billion as per the Gazette.

Currently, the Cuneta-Pangilinan family is building their huge house and will still take years before its completion. When it is complete, she is planning to bring all their dogs including those in their farm to their new house.

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