Smallest Dog in the World Is Chihuahua Named “Milly” w/ This Size

SMALLEST DOG IN THE WORLD – Guinness World Records listed Milly, a chihuahua in Puerto Rico, as the smallest dog across the globe.

A lot of people like dogs because of their loyalty – thus they are tagged as man’s best friend. Most households have at least one (1) dog and they are considered as a member of the family.


Dogs come in different sizes and breeds. They are also categorized as guard dogs, family dogs, and companion dogs. Some have the biggest sizes while others can even fit the large pockets of a jacket. Each is a special loyal family.

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Photo: PDSA

With regards to the smallest dog in the world, a chihuahua named “Milly” made it to the Guinness World Records. She is owned by a couple, Edwin Davila and Vanesa Semler, in Puerto Rico.

Based on an article in USA Today, Milly was four (4) years old when she achieved her size as a full-grown dog. The said smallest dog in the world measured four (4) inches tall.

Considering her very small size since she was a puppy, the owners of Milly had to feed her using a dropper for the first six months of her life. She was also very fragile and her maximum weight was one full pound.

Milly gained international attention but was already popular for her size even before making it to the Guinness World Records. She is a celebrity in Dorado, Puerto Rico and many loves seeing her.

Based on the article, Edwin and Vanesa want to be an inspiration to others in loving dogs regardless of their size, color, and other factors. Here’s a photo of the said dog that hooked international attention with her size:

Smallest Dog in the World Chihuhua Milly
Photo: USA Today

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