Smartest Cat in the World Performs 26 Tricks in Just 1 Minute (VIDEO)

Meet “Alexis” – the Smartest Cat in the World Gaining Guinness Record

SMARTEST CAT IN THE WORLD – Here is a video of Kitty, the smartest cat in the world, which performed 26 tricks in just one (1) minute.

Cats are among the intelligent and loving creatures in the world – although there are some of them considered as “wild”. To set the loving ones apart, they are called as “domestic cats”.

Most loving cats only like to be on the side of their owners. They don’t scatter mess unless they can’t resist running after something – most especially rats. They also have some favorites like fish but they are not interested to all kinds of food – which makes dessert somehow safe.

However, truths be told that cats are not known for tricks as much as dogs – but that is not true to all. There are cats whose owners were patient enough to spend time and teach them tricks.

Smartest Cat in the World
Photo Credit: Guinness World Record

Meet Alexis, the smartest cat in the world recognized by Guinness World Records after doing 26 tricks in just one (1) minute. It was her human, Anika Moritz in Austria, who taught the feline the tricks.

According to the 20-year-old feline lover, she started teaching Alexis tricks since the cat was 12 weeks old. Her cat loves trick and they consider it as “passion”. She was amazed by how fast the cat pick up the tricks.

“She learned so fast, that I knew, that she is a very special cat,” Anika said according to Guinness.

The Austrian cat lover wants to show the people that cats are not only decorations at home. She also wants to show that cats are small tigers who love to be with people and they are not 100% stubborn.

In training the smartest cat in the world, Anika used positive reinforcements like treats and compliments. Here is the Guinness World Records video:

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