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LOOK: Alessandra De Rossi’s Funny Caption On Her Mother’s Photo

Alessandra De Rossi put a funny caption on her mother’s photo which gathered comic reactions from netizens

Actress Alessandra De Rossi recently posted on her Instagram account a photo of her mother sleeping with a funny caption.

The ‘Kita Kita’ actress related to her social media followers the question that has been bothering her since she saw her mother asleep on their sofa.

On her caption, she posted a question to the netizens to be answered with multiple choices.

Funny Caption of Alessandra de Rossi

Alessandra De Rossi (Instagram)

The indie film star is wondering what could be the reason that her mother was not able to reach the bedroom and just fell asleep in that particular part of their house.

Alessandra also asked if her mother was just afraid to be reprimanded by her that is why she just slept there.

Another question she asked was what could be the reason why her mother went home in the wee hours of the morning.

Then, the actress included a multiple choice which made the netizens even laugh even more, more than the series of interrogating questions intended for her mother.

With the same hilarity, Alessandra’s IG followers answered her question from the given choices.

Instagram user @jayrome_dhome said that he is not sure of his answer but he thinks it is letter A while Instagram user @itssimply_alma said that the answer is all of the above and her mother might be dreaming about the card game ‘tong-its’.

Most of the netizens just commented with a laugh and took notice how the actress can create that kind of funny caption on the photo of her mother.

Instagram user @leo-ortuyo even said that she could be an author because she can write that kind of caption.

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