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Angelica Panganiban’s Comment On Carlo, Bela’s Photo Hooked Netizens

Carlo Aquino, Bela Padilla’s Photo Elicits Comment from Angelica Panganiban

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban commented on the photo of her actor ex-boyfriend Carlo Aquino and actress close friend Bela Padilla.

Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino were a couple before. They have also worked together on several projects. Despite the ending of their romance, the two celebrities remained to be friends and would sometimes go out together.

Angelica Panganiban Photo

Photo Courtesy: juansarte IG

Meanwhile, Carlo Aquino is now in a relationship with a non-showbiz girl while the Banana Split cast is enjoying her single life after her breakup with actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Recently, a photo of him with actress Bela Padilla, who is also a close friend of Angelica Panganiban, crossed the social media.

Carlo is topless as he sits on a bed and strikes a pose together with the My Dear Heart actress. The said Instagram post caught the attention of Angelica and she could not help but leave a comment on the photo of her ex-boyfriend and her close friend.


A post shared by Liwanag Jose (@liwanag11) on

Angelica Panganiban Comment

Screenshot from Instagram | @liwanag11

The attention of many netizens on the social media was caught by the comment of Angelica Panganiban. Several netizens mentioned the actress in a comment.

“Sana Meron din kayo ni @iamangelicap,” netizen @imlysa1015 wrote in a comment.

Netizen @shuelianx tagged Angelica’s reaction to the photo of Carlo and Bela as ‘cute’.

In a comment to the post, netizen cremap_17 jokingly told Carlo Aquino to wear a shirt for he might have colds. The netizen also expressed his hope for a movie of the actor and actress Angelica Panganiban.

Furthermore, according to him, they are the reasons why he watches the television and they are his idols since they were small.

“UNg coMment mu @iamangelicap laGapakPak,” netizen @caballerohoney wrote in a comment to the post.

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