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Anne Curtis Defends Nadine Lustre From Basher

It’s Showtime Host Anne Curtis Steps Up For Co-Host Nadine Lustre

ANNE CURTIS – Actress and host Anne Curtis defended her co-host in It’s Showtime Nadine Lustre from a basher.

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), Nadine Lustre is already working now despite the recent death of Isaiah Lustre, her younger brother.

Nadine Lustre

Screenshot from Instagram | @nadine

On the photo posted by a fan of Nadine on Twitter, a netizen bashed the singer-actress and also made fun of her advocacy regarding depression.

According to the report, the photo posted by the fan of Nadine Lustre showed the singer-actress singing along with her It’s Showtime co-host Anne Curtis during the start of the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the noontime show.

Anne Curtis stepped up for her co-host. Tagging the basher as a “horrible person”, Anne told Nadine’s critic to “back off”.

Anne Curtis

Screenshot from Instagram | @annecurtissmith

“You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So back off,” the actress-host said based on the report.

Anne Curtis, Nadine Lustre

Photo lifted from Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH)

Based on a previous report, the brother of Nadine Lustre who recently passed away suffered from depression. His siblings reportedly found him sprawled on the floor of his room a couple of days ago after they heard two gunshots while they were playing with their gadgets.

According to PO3 Elario Wanwan, Isaiah suffered from a gunshot on his head. The 16-year-old boy, who was supposed to turn 17 last October 13, was rushed to Pacific Global Medical Center but, sadly, he did not survive.

The death of Isaiah was confirmed after a kin of Nadine Lustre posted on social media a request for prayer for the soul of Isaiah. Based on the report, Isaiah’s father Ulysses Lustre refused to have the incident investigated as he is convinced that his son took his own life.

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