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LOOK: Baeby Baste Accepted 2012/2017 Photo Challenge, Post Went Viral

Baeby Baste posted his 2012/2017 photo in line with the latest photos challenge and received various reactions from netizens

Baeby Baste of ‘Eat Bulaga’ never fails to add humor with cuteness in the longest noontime show in the country.

His social media account is always updated of his activities especially his showbiz engagements when he started to be one of the mainstays in the Kapuso show.

Recently he shared on his Instagram account his acceptance to the latest photo challenge on social media. Baste posted his throwback photos in 2012 along with his recent photos.

Based on the report of GMA Entertainment, 2012 is the year when the celebrity baby was born and now that he is 5 years older, he recalled what had happened over that period of time.

Baeby Baste

Baeby Baste 2012/2017 photo (Instagram)

On his Instagram account, handled by his parents Sol and Sheila Arumpac, Baeby Baste shared his newborn photo glowing with cuteness and his equally cute self now.

The caption said about his experience being discovered and having the chance to sing together with the famous trio of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon or the TVJ.

Back in 2012 he was just a baby but in 2017, he was able to shine on his own way and be with the Dabarkads through music, the help of the people around him and the will of the Almighty.

Because of his 2012/2017 photos, the Instagram followers of Baeby Baste expressed how they adore him.

There are comments which not only came from the provinces in the country but also from netizens abroad.

Instagram user @jeanngonzales from Sorsogon said that she sends her hugs and kisses to the celebrity baby while Instagram user @clarisse_aculan_murillo said hello from Maryland, USA.

Other bunch of social media users commented about the cuteness of the EB baby, then and now.

Baeby Baste was born on August 22, 2012 with the name Sebastian Benedict Granfon Arumpac and joined the Dabarkads last 2015, based on the report.

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