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LOOK: Ellen Adarna’s Social Media Post Elicits Comments From Netizens

Ellen Adarna Posts Photo on Social Media

ELLEN ADARNA – Actress Ellen Adarna took to her social media account a photo with a caption: “Its always darkest before the dawn”.

Actress Ellen Adarna is currently being linked to Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz. The two celebrities have been recently spotted together several times. They were together during a vacation in a private resort in Bantayan, Cebu.

John Lloyd Cruz, Ellen Adarna

Screenshot from Instagram | @

Reportedly, the two celebrities have also taken to the social media intimate photos of them with captions that even more ignited the rumor that the two of them are dating.

Meanwhile, neither Ellen Adarna nor John Lloyd Cruz has denied or confirmed the rumors about the real score between them.

Ellen Adarna

Screenshot from Instagram | @maria.elena.adarna

Based on a report, after the actor decided to take a temporary rest from showbiz spotlight, the actress posted a photo of her and the actor on social media. The two also have similar posts which made some netizens think that they are together on another vacation.

Meanwhile, the place was not mentioned as to where the photos were taken.

Recently, on her Instagram account, actress Ellen Adarna posted a beautiful shot with a caption: “Its always darkest before the dawn”.

Her social media post caught the attention of lots of netizens on the social media. It has already racked up more than seventeen thousand likes on the online platform.

“Its always darkest before the dawn”

A post shared by Ellen Adarna (@maria.elena.adarna) on

The post of the actress gathered different comments from netizens on Instagram.

Netizen @jorjena0380 expressed in a comment her amazement with the place shown in the photo. She tagged it as a “beautiful scene”.

Netizen @patrio1924 told the actress to enjoy and be happy.

In a comment to the post, netizen @shisaw12 told Ellen Adarna to keep on going and not let others dictate their lives.

“Go lng ng go, life nyo yan. Huwag padikta kung anu dpt nyo gawin. Di nmn Nila hawak ang buhay nyo. Spread freedom,” the netizen stated.

Netizen @jollieyan wrote: “You need to get lost, before you get found…”

In a comment to the post, netizen @chris.valera told the actress that the “dawn is coming”.

Netizen @nov221984 told Ellen to “keep going” and not to stop now.

“Happy happy.. Love love!!! Go lenloyd!” Instagram user @emyatty16 said in a comment.

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