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WATCH: Gretchen Barretto Does This Unique Thing To Dominique During Shopping

Videos of Gretchen Barretto with Daughter Dominique

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – Actress Gretchen Barretto took to her social media account two videos showing some happy moments with her daughter Dominique Cojuangco.

Recently, on her Instagram account, Gretchen Barretto posted two videos showing her pushing a shopping cart with her daughter Dominique sitting inside it.

Gretchen Barretto, Dominique Barretto

Screenshot from Instagram | @gretchenbarretto

Based on the caption of the first video posted on social media, Gretchen shopped in the supermarket together with her daughter Dominique and her classmates from London.

“The joy of motherhood. This is what every good and responsible mother do, get her child dizzy,” she wrote.

It is evident in the video that the actress is really happy to bond again with her daughter. She even kissed her and told her that she loves her and she sang as she pushed the cart.

In her caption on the second video posted, Gretchen Barretto tagged Dominique as her “little one”.

Grocery shopping with my little one ?

A post shared by Gretchen Barretto (@gretchenbarretto) on

Dominique is the daughter of the actress with her business tycoon partner Tony Boy Cojuangco. She is the sister of actress Claudine Barretto and Marjorie Barretto, the mother of young star Julia Barretto.

Gretchen Barretto undeniably has one of the beautiful faces in the Philippine showbiz industry.

Gretchen Barretto

Screenshot from Instagram | @gretchenbarretto

Based on a previous report, the actress does not only have a timeless beauty but as well as a slim figure. Her body and her beauty do not show that she is 47-years-old and already has a young lady.

On the video that she has previously posted which showed her slim body, lots of netizens were really left in awe with the figure of the actress. There are even those who took her as their inspiration in getting their bodies fit.

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