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Isabel Granada’s Husband Arnel Cowley Burst Into Tears While Singing During A Tribute

Arnel Cowley Speaks During Special Tribute to Isabel Granada

ISABEL GRANADA – StarNet Business Development manager Arnel Cowley burst into tears during a special tribute to the late actress.

The sudden death of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada has left many people in great grief most especially her husband, Arnel Cowley. Based on a report, he cried upon seeing the photo of the actress in a mass that was recently held in Doha, Qatar.

Isabel Granada

Screenshot from Instagram | @isabelgranada21

According to the report, the mass was followed by a special tribute to the actress and thanksgiving to the people who supported Isabel Granada and her family in Doha, Qatar.

Based on a recent video posted on the Facebook page of Balitang Q, Arnel Cowley again shed tears during the special tribute to the actress as he was staring at the photo of his wife. The said video was taken by Kharen David, Fritzie Joanne Tingabngab, and Maria Imelda Enrile based on the caption.

The grief of Arnel is really evident in the video. During the special tribute, he spoke and shared about his love for his wife Isabel.

According to Arnel, they were really inseparable and Isa is really a loving wife. He shared that when they have no work and they were just at home, she would give him a massage or cut his toenails and fingernails.

During the tribute, Dingdong Avanzado’s song “Maghihintay Sa ‘Yo” was sung. It is one of the songs that actress Isabel Granada was usually singing according to her husband.

When he was the one standing in front of the people at the tribute to his wife, Arnel Cowley shared his last moments with his wife when he sings for her and talks to her.

Arnel sang a part of the song and burst into tears. He shared that he reminded Isa that she told her that they won’t leave each other.

“Syempre I love my wife talaga eh,” he said.

Arnel Cowley thanked the people who supported them in Doha, Qatar. He’s set to bring home the remains of his wife Isabel Granada to the Philippines tonight. They will arrive on Thursday (Philippine time).

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