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WATCH: Isabelle Daza Received Surprised Reactions From ‘Grab’ Passengers

Isabelle Daza’s Grab passengers were so amazed upon seeing that she was going to be their driver

‘It Girl’ Isabelle Daza shared her experience in being a Grab driver for a day as a recent episode of her Facebook series.

The actress and host first had a short conversation with the certified 5-star driver of the said transport service company.

After learning a few tips to be a good driver, Isabelle proceeded to pick up her first passenger.

Since she was not used of that kind of car she was driving, she had a bit of a difficult time to adjust and after a while her passenger called.

The celebrity was happy that her first Grab passenger is understanding when she said that she just needed to find another way because U-turn was not allowed in that specific location.

When the first passenger entered the car, a surprised face was caught on the camera.

Grab driver for a day. Isabelle Daza

Isabelle Daza (Instagram)

“What is going on?” the female passenger asked with amazement upon seeing that Isabelle Daza is her driver. She even asked for a selfie from the actress/host.

After Isabelle brought her first Grab passenger to her destination, it was time for her to pick up her second customer.

When the second passenger of Isabelle saw her on the driver’s seat, the man asked if he was riding the right car.

Then the actress introduced herself which even received a more surprised look from the Grab passenger?

“Isabelle? Isabelle Daza? No way! Hey, it’s Isabelle Daza!” the man exclaimed.

The Grab driving experience video of the celebrity has already reached nearly 300 thousand views, 11 thousand reactions, 1.2 thousand shares and hundreds of comments from netizens.

“Now I’m definitely gonna be nicer to drivers,” Isabelle Daza realized after her experience.

She was also glad that her passengers were really nice, as what she said on her Facebook series video.

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