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Jericho Aguas Posts Update About Arrival Of Isabel Granada’s Remains

Isabel Granada To Be Given Arrival Honors According to Jericho Aguas

ISABEL GRANADA – The ex-husband of Isabel Granada, Angeles City Councilor Jericho Aguas, posted an update about the arrival of the remains of the actress.

The remains of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada who recently passed away in Doha, Qatar is set to arrive in the Philippines today.

isabel granada

Instagram: @isabelgranada21

Isabel Granada died in Hamad General Hospital with the comfort of her loved ones most especially her husband Arnel Cowley, mother Isabel Villarama or Mommy Guapa, son Hubert Aguas, ex-husband Jericho Aguas, and cousin Joseph Rivera.

The Filipino community in Doha, Qatar and both the Philippine and the Spanish embassies have also been supportive of the actress and her family.

Isabel was in a state of coma for more than a week at Hamad General Hospital. She was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during a meet-and-greet event. She reportedly suffered from massive internal bleeding, an aneurysm, and multiple cardiac arrests.

She was in Qatar together with Arnel Cowley to attend an event as she was invited to speak and to have a good time with her husband as they were celebrating their 2nd year anniversary.

Last weekend, many people were left in great sadness and grief after Arnel confirmed that his wife has passed away.

Based on a report, a thanksgiving and a tribute were recently held in Doha, Qatar before the actress’ remains would be brought back by her husband to the Philippines.

According to the report, Arnel Cowley could not help but burst into tears as he was singing the song that is usually sung by his wife. He was emotional as he stared at her photos.

The remains of the actress is set to arrive in the Philippines today. Recently, on Facebook, her ex-husband Jericho Aguas posted an update about the arrival of Isabel Granada.

Update Isabel Granada

Screenshot from Facebook: Jericho Genaskey Aguas

Jericho Aguas

Photo lifted from Facebook: Jericho Genaskey Aguas

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