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LOOK: Is Liza Soberano Referring To Enrique Gil In Her Post?

Liza Soberano’s Post on Instagram Catches Netizens’ Attention

LIZA SOBERANO – Young Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano recently posted a photo of her on social media along with an intriguing caption.

One of the most known loveteams in the present is the ‘LizQuen’ – the on-screen tandem of young Kapamilya stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. The two celebrities have worked together on several hit projects.

Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil

Screenshot from Instagram | @enriquegil17

Young actress Liza Soberano and young actor Enrique Gil are the lead stars of the hit movie My Ex and Whys and ABS-CBN television series Dolce Amore.

Reportedly, Enrique and Liza are not just simply a loveteam. They have been vocal that they treat each other as special. Quen, the young actor’s nickname, even expressed that he and Liza treat each other like girlfriend and boyfriend already during their appearance on Tonight with Boy Abunda.

Meanwhile, the two celebrities are not yet officially in a relationship. They are still waiting for the time that Liza’s parents will permit her to be in a relationship.

Although they recently worked on different projects, the LizQuen put down the speculations that they would no longer be a loveteam. Enrique Gil recently starred a family comedy movie Seven Sundays while Liza Soberano is set to be the next Darna.

Meanwhile, based on a report, the two celebrities would be seen in one project again – the upcoming ABS-CBN fantasy series Bagani. 

Lots of LizQuen fans and supporters are very excited to see the two brilliant stars in one project again. Many love LizQuen not just for their chemistry on screen but as well as their sweetness to each other.

Recently, on Instagram, Liza Soberano posted her photo along with an intriguing caption that sparked speculations. In her social media post, she’s talking about the beauty of “brown eyes”.

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), there were Instagram users who expressed praises on the beauty of the young Kapamilya actress and there are also those who speculated that she is referring to Enrique Gil in her caption.

Liza Soberano Post Comments

Photo lifted from PUSH (Main Source: Liza Soberano’s IG)

Enrique Gil

Screenshot from Instagram | @enriquegil17

Meanwhile, the young actress has not yet confirmed nor denied if she is really referring to her on-screen partner in her caption.

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