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WATCH: Luis Manzano Reacts To John Lloyd Cruz’s Controversial Viral Video

Luis Manzano Reacts To JLC’s Video

LUIS MANZANO – The controversial viral video of John Lloyd Cruz has elicited reactions from people close to him including Kapamilya host Luis Manzano.

Based on a report, actor John Lloyd Cruz is now being linked to Ellen Adarna after they were spotted together in a resort in Cebu. They were on a vacation together with some friends.

John Lloyd Cruz, Ellen Adarna

Screenshot from Instagram | @

Recently, some videos taken during their vacation in Cebu went viral on the social media. The said videos where JLC could be seen dancing, singing, and sitting beside the gas tanks were reportedly posted by one of the friends of Ellen.

It hooked the attention of netizens on the social media. While there were netizens who agreed that it was clean fun and it’s the right of the actor, there were those who expressed disappointment over the issue.

Some of the famous personalities in the field of Philippine showbiz industry have also reacted on the controversial viral videos of the Kapamilya actor.

John Lloyd’s co-artist in Star Magic, Pokwang, recently stated in a post on her Twitter account that if she is on the part of the actor, she will a file a case against the person who posted his videos on the social media.

Based on a recent report in Pep, a close friend of JLC, Kapamilya host Luis Manzano, also gave his reaction to the controversial videos during an exclusive interview with the source.

Luis Manzano

Screenshot from Instagram | @luckymanzano

According to Luis Manzano, it is JLC’s life and he is not doing anything bad. He said that he knows him and the video does not define who he is as a man and as an actor.

The Kapamilya host added that Filipinos’ hobby now is judging others.

“Cool yan, e. Cool yang mam-bash. Cool yang gumawa ng fake account. Mang-troll,” Luis said during the interview.

Meanwhile, according to reports, John Lloyd Cruz have already expressed an apology over the videos.

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