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Video Of Miss Universe Spain Contestant Falling In Pool Went Viral

Miss Universe Spain candidate who fell in pool is now famous not only in Spain

A video of Miss Universe Spain contestant falling in swimming during their swimsuit and dress presentation went viral.

Netizens laughed about it over the Facebook, Youtube and other social media and sharing sites.

In a report of Preen Inquirer, the name of the unfortunate candidate is Pilar Magro, the Miss Caceres Spain.

Pilar Magro, Miss Universe Spain contestant who fell in pool

Pilar Magro, Miss Universe Spain contestant / Elite Model Chile


When Magro took a spin as a part of her walk, she accidentally tripped and fell into the water.

A lifeguard quickly jump into the pool to help her and the rest of the candidates applauded her to show their support that in the midst of misfortune she still carried herself.

Then, Magro casually swam on the pool as to cover the unfortunate event.

As the video went viral, netizens also indulged in expressing their comments and laughed about it.

There are those netizens who even blamed Magro for doing that complicated twirl that is why she fell, while their are those who said that she did it on purpose.

Comments to Pilar Magro, Miss Universe Spain contestant who fell in pool

Comments to Pilar Magro, Miss Universe Spain contestant

Beauty queens are always known to be prim and proper because even before joining a pageant they already undergo intensive training to win the crown.

They are always under scrutiny of the public that one small mistake that they will do can actually make or break them.

Regardless if it is accidental or intentional, one beauty pageant contestant must always be prepared to apply grace under pressure.

One best example that can be cited that resulted to a beautiful ending in beauty pageant is the one that happened to Miriam Quiambao, , according to a report.

During the evening gown competition, unfortunately Miriam tripped because of her gown but it did not stop her to continue to walk with grace.

In the end, she won the first runner-up on Miss Universe 1999.

What happened to Miriam must be a good example to Pilar Magro on her journey to win the Miss Universe Spain crown.

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