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Nadine Lustre, James Reid Posted Suicide Awareness Symbol On Instagram Story

Nadine Lustre, James Reid share same photo of suicide awareness symbol on their IG story

It is quite a long time now since Kapamilya stars Nadine Lustre and James Reid revealed to the public that their on screen has become a reality in their real lives.

The relationship of the two stars from ABS CBN extended even beyond their on camera appearances.

In a recent report of Bandera, it was said presumed that the Nadine is currently undergoing a hard time because it was alleged that one of her siblings might have committed suicide.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid posted suicide awareness symbol

Nadine Lustre and James Reid / Cosmo

On her Instagram story this Tuesday, the young Kapamilya actress shared a photo of semicolon with the hashtag “Keep Going”.

The other photo said that “You are stronger than depression”.

In line with this, James Reid also posted the same semicolon photo on his IG story an hour after Nadine’s post.

In recent reports, the young actress faced various controversies.

She was bashed because by being a cover photo of a glossy magazine which she was called as a starlet, said in a previous report.

Another previous report said that people have been speculating that she is already pregnant which she already cleared out that the reason why she was hospitalized was because of dengue.

Now, she is faced with an event that could be another low moment in her life.

According to a report from Bandera, after her post, allegations on the social media regarding the suicide of her sibling circulated.

Why semicolon?

It is the punctuation mark which denotes suicide awareness and this was coined by Amy Bleue who tattooed it on her body after her father committed suicide.

“The semicolon (;): A symbol for suicide prevention. (;) The semicolon: an often misused and confusing punctuation is now becoming a clear symbol of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.Jul 31, 2015″ this is Google’s explanation about the symbol.

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