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Sharon Cuneta Reveals OPM Singer Who Occupies Her Morning Playlist

Sharon Cuneta shared who is the Filipino singer being showcased in her morning playlist

Megastar Sharon Cuneta recently shared on her Instagram account what is inside her morning playlist.

Being an OPM artist, the singer/actress has already popularized so many hit songs and chart topping singles, but she reveals that there is another Pinoy artist who occupies her playlist intended for the earlier part of the day.

Morning Playlist of Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta (Instagram)

It was revealed in a report of GMA Entertainment that the songs of Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez reign on Megastars list of music that she wants to listen in the morning.

Good morning everyone! It’s always wonderful to hear my friend Regine’s voice first thing. ???? I don’t sleep too long nowadays. I sleep at almost sunrise and am up after about 3 hours or so. Then I make siesta in the afternoon and that’s what’s usually long! Gotta correct my body clock na naman. My Kuya is the one who just came home from the U.S. pero ako ang may jetlag?! Hahaha! Naku nagpaparamdam na ang puso, isip, at katawan ko (na bumabalingkinitan na. Uy. Hahaha!) na please pumunta na daw kami sa States at nananawagan na naman ang dugo kong Kano! Hahaha! (Pero totoo may dugo akong Amerikano. My Mom’s lolo was American.) But unless tuloy ang U.S. concert tour ko this year naku mahirap yata kasi dami kong work in 2018! Praise God!????‍???????❤️???????? Have a great day! Love you guys and may God bless us all! @reginevalcasid @ogiealcasid

A post shared by Coach:TheVoice.phActorSinger (@reallysharoncuneta) on

According to ‘The Voice Philippines’ coach, it is a good thing for her to listen to Regine as her morning playlist.

Aside from revealing the Filipino singer who she wants to listen to during that certain part of the day, Sharon also shared that she seems like having a jetlag because of her irregular sleep pattern, well, in fact, it should be her brother who must feel that after coming back from the US.

She even joked that it is the result of her slimmer body telling her that they should go already to the said country.

The Megastar also said that she hopes her US concert tour will push through despite her busy schedule this year.

Meanwhile, Regine Velasquez is set to mesmerize her Cebuano fans on January 20 for her “Three Stars, One Heart” concert which will be held at the Waterfront Hotel, based on the report.

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