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A Wedding Proposal During Niyug-Niyogan Festival Went Viral

Wedding proposal done by Donddie Maningas to girlfriend Angelica Cando went viral

A  video of a wedding proposal during the Niyug-Niyogan Festival in Lucena City, Quezon went viral in the social media.

The video has acquired 5,000 reactions, more than 3,000 shares and over 175,000 views. It has brought “kilig” to many netizens.

On the said video, Donddie Maningas popped up the famous question, “Will you marry me?” to Angelica Cando in the middle of a crowd during the festival.

Wedding Proposal During Niyug-Niyogan Festival

Wedding Proposal During Niyug-Niyogan Festival / ABS CBN

According to Donddie, he does not believe in true love before nor in forever when in comes to relationship, ABS CBN reported.

The two have common friends that told Angelica about Donddie’s lost faith in love.

Angelica, on the other hand, jokingly told to her friends that she wants to meet that guy to prove him that there is really forever in love.

Then their love story began through that.

The couple has a long distance relationship. Donddie works as a nurse in Qatar while Angelica works in a cruise ship.

Even though getting together often is a challenge on their relationship, it did not hamper their love to bloom.

After six months of planning and preparation with their common friends, Donddie had the proposal he ever wanted. He also said that he wanted to his forever with Angelica.

He wanted to ask the question along with the ongoing Niyug-Niyogan Festival because the said event is memorable to them as a couple.

Donddie said that their love is being symbolized by the coconut tree. According to the soon to be groom, though they may encounter hardships along the way, just like the coconut, they will continue to be strong.

As long as they are together, he knows that they will be able get through.

The wedding of the viral couple is set to happen two years from now, according to a report.

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