Tallest Man in the World? Meet Sultan Kösen in this Video

TALLEST MAN IN THE WORLD – Meet Sultan Kosen who is standing 8’3 feet, the man who ranks first in the global list when it comes to height.

In most cases, a child’s height can be determined by his or her built and how short or tall the parents are. However, in rare situations, something unexpected took place – like the enormous height of Sultan Kosen, currently the tallest man in the world.

Sultan stands 8’3 feet. He was awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man across the globe. In an interview with Ruhi Cenet, he revealed that he was standing 8’1 feet when Guinness recognized him as the person with the greatest height.

According to the man, growing up, there were emotional struggles for him as people were scared of him. He began to feel guilty about it and there were times when he did not want to go out anymore. He also did not have the chance to go to school as he is too much for the school benches.

The tallest man in the world had tumor in his pituitary glands when he was younger. According to him, he had three (3) brain surgeries and he only stopped growing following a “gamma knife radiotherapy” which burnt the tumor in his brain.

Sultan Kosen is not only the tallest man in the world. He also holds the record as the person with the biggest hands and feet. Does he eat big? During the interview, the man revealed that he does not have a good appetite and he eats the same amount with people who have normal height.

Sultan’s shoe size in U.S. is 61 and he weighs 130 kilograms. He usually have problems with doors, elevators, and cars because of his size. Meanwhile, behind his height which may be scary for others lies a very kindhearted man. When asked about his message to the people, he asked the public to do the next generation good by leaving a beautiful place to them. Here’s the video:

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