Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal Many Filipinos Actually Don’t Know

TRIVIA ABOUT DR. JOSE RIZAL – Here are 10 fascinating things that many Filipinos actually don’t know about the Philippine National Hero.

1. Three animals were named after Dr. Jose Rizal.

Three (3) species were collected by Rizal during his exile in Dapital. These species were named after him – Apogonia Rizali (Heller), Draco Rizali (Wandolleck), and Rachophorous Rizali (Boetger).

Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal

2. The Rizal Monument in Luneta is not a work of a Filipino.

Based on an article on Filipi Know, the design of the Rizal Monument in Luneta was made by Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling who was the second placer in an art competition in 1907.

Rizal Monument

3. He had tuberculosis.

According to the article, Dr. Jose Rizal had tuberculosis and he was the one who treated himself. He became an expert in treating the disease.

Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal

4. Dr. Jose Rizal pawned the ring owned by his sister, Saturnina, in Spain.

Amid the success stories of Dr. Jose Rizal when he was in other countries to study, there were also challenging times and one of them was when he had to pawn a ring owned by his sister Saturnina so he could pay for his exams.

Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal

5. He was anti-Chinese.

The Philippine national hero viewed Chinese people as unscrupulous traders and businessmen who wanted to take advantage of Pinoys.

Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal

6. He is known as the Father of Philippine Comics.

Rizal is fond of making humourous illustrations when he was in Germany and some of them were made to entertain the children of his landlord.

Jose rizal's comics

7. Do you know his favorite fruits?

One of the unpopular trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal is about his favorite fruits. Based on the article, the national hero’s former cook, Faustino “Tinong” Alfon, claimed that his favorite fruits were lanzones and mangoes.

Lanzones and Mango

8. How tall is Dr. Jose Rizal?

Another trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal is his vital statistics. He was standing 5 feet and three inches tall with a 25″ to 26″ waistline.

Trivia about Dr. Jose Rizal

9. He has an unfinished novel.

Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are two novels written by Rizal but, based on the article, historians claim that he has an unfinished novel entitled “Makamisa” which he wrote in Hong Kong.

Noli me tangere and El filibusterismo

10. Dr. Jose Rizal has used invisible ink in writing a love letter.

The letter written by Rizal for Leonor Valenzuela, a girl from Pagsanjan, could only be read if you put it over a lamp or a candle as it was written using invisible ink. They broke up when the doctor had to leave for Spain.

Jose Rizal Love letter to Leonor Valenzuela

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